Sadism Toplist 
Sadism Toplist

How does it work?

When a surfer visits toplist from your site and enters through entrance, site gets 1 point. You may get also additional
- 5 points if surfer votes for you at the doorway
- 1 point if your site is free
- 1 point if your site is large (more than 100 pics)
- 1 point if your site does not open any console
- 1 point if your site is listed more than 3 days
- 1 more point if your site is also listed more than 10 days
- 1 more point if your site is also listed more than 30 days
- 1 more point if your site is also listed more than 100 days

It means you may get up to 13 points from just 1 visitor you send me!

Each surfer is 4 hours blocked after last visit of the list. It means no hits and points are added.

The ranking is always real-time, Sadism Toplist reranks immediately.

Please, do not check the bonus fields for free, large or no-popup sites if you do not satisfy it. You get deleted for this.


1) Only BDSM, Bondage, Spanking, Torture, Rape Fantasy or Femdom sites allowed
2) No bestiality, child porn, real rape or password trading
3) Link lists, TGPs etc. allowed if linking to at least 10 resources satisfying 1)
4) If requesting bonus points, info must be valid at any time (I check often)
5) No cheating

Catched unsatisfaying any of this, site gets deleted immediately. Deleted for second time and you get blacklisted.

Site URL:
Your 468 x 60 banner URL:
Your email:
My site is completely free (no AVS, membership) Check only if true!
I have at least 100 pics or 100 stories or 20 videos (links and TGP galleries does not count) Check only if true!
My site will not open any popup console or exit console Check only if true!